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Put the honey code into containers

The development of virtualization technologies has allowed us to flexibly manage appliance hardware and also to build the complex infrastructure inside it. However, historically virtual solutions were very resource-intensive to implement.

The introduction of containers (such as Docker) has not only improved the mechanism of delivering software but has also improved the methodology for the interactions between IT specialists. Now, there is a flexible method available for the development and automation of processes that saves much time for a great many people, provides a high degree of speed and fault tolerance, and eliminates human factors influences and a variety of other errors. The proud name by which this methodology has become known is DevOps.


Any fast-moving web project or start-up is characterized by the constant development of the program code, working on it in its many versions, often involving much manual labor! That is why we offer an automated solution that includes uninterrupted code building, testing, and deployment. This solution is Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), and it provides scenarios for rapid recovery in case of system-wide failure. Since DevOps also represents the infrastructure itself as a code (IaC), it makes managing of any of its units or an entire segment much easier.

Develop the code, and DevOps will automate the process!

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For the most part, client projects require a scalable and flexible container management system. Kubernetes has proved to be the best Production-Grade Container-Orchestration solution available.

By choosing Kubernetes, you establish the potential for introducing further improvements, transformations, migrations, speed and productivity optimization for your infrastructure.

Due to its scalable, flexible management, run anywhere, and many other advantages, Kubernetes works well for all clients, from large enterprise companies to startups.

We have extensive experience and can draw on ready-made solutions to help you develop and maintain your infrastructure and container clusters. Our team is ready and waiting to provide you with the support you need.


Most technology companies choose to host their infrastructure with leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft due to the benefits they offer in the speed of development and the implementation of solutions.

In addition to reliability, speed, flexibility, and security, you also get access to the most advanced tools that have been developed by industry leaders.

Elastic and scalable cloud infrastructure in conjunction with Kubernetes as a service , is the most effective solution for your business requirements.

Our advantages

Use of micro-service architectures for web applications and their deployment with the help of docker/cri-o containers


Experience in the construction of infrastructures for high-assurance web-projects (growth capabilities of more than 1000 users per day)


Quick implementation of customer's project-specific requirements due to the depth experience our team has in working across different web frameworks


Depth of experience in the sphere of implementing and deploying solutions, and providing project support based on Open Source technologies

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