Introducing the DevOps methodology into your project may be difficult, but it will be a strategically correct solution. It will deliver numerous advantages for you, including bringing evidence of the technological readiness of your developments to provide your customers with a new, higher level of service, improved functionality, better code quality, quicker release rates, and many more benefits.

Practice shows that the transition to the DevOps methodology is not limited to just using tools for continuous delivery, deployment, and integration of code, combined with flexible management of infrastructure resources using IaC. The most painful stage of the process is the reorganization of the usual interactions between the project participants by redistributing the areas of responsibility and the functions of each of them. After all, tools only help to introduce the idea of a technique, but it needs people to complete the tasks!
Our DevOps consulting services help save you time by offering you advice on the simplest and most painless way to implement the DevOps methodology in the unique circumstances of a particular project.

We can consult you about:

  • Migration from a monolithic to a micro-services based infrastructure
  • Preparation of the main plan with Checkpoints for all stages of the migration into containers
  • Identification of which ready-made decisions you can use for your initial boost up
  • Improvements to the speed of delivering your new releases

Also, in addition to these essential services, you can ask us for help with any of your custom integration issues.


Your project may require specialists with a sufficient level of knowledge to deploy the infrastructure, configure delivery tools and integrate CI/CD code, and connect monitoring systems. However, if, as a result of a reorganization, the person entrusted with this work may require specific knowledge or skills that are not currently available. ServerBee is ready to conduct specialist and tailored training and to share its experience in solving such problems. We deliver professional training for individuals or for all team members as a group, the latter helping to promote a mutual understanding within the team and streamlines their interactions.

Systems and IT infrastructure

Most DevOps solutions that you have to work with or consult with are projects with a high degree of responsibility and have the prospect of undergoing further development. Sometimes a client requires DevOps consulting to help optimize IT infrastructure, to audit the delivery-code integration systems, and to identify any weak points and determine under what circumstances that can become a risk. DevOps consulting also allows the assessment of how predictable and sustainable the project work will be in the future when loads increase and functionality multiplies. Knowing in advance how the service will behave in an extreme situation will allow you to create a mechanism that reduces the likelihood of it failing, and therefore, avoid any unnecessary risks.
ServerBee can conduct a comprehensive audit of all the processes in your company, from technical through to organizational (working within the development team). Our clients receive the following from us:

  • A coherent plan to implement the DevOps methodology in the team
  • Recommendations on the use of software for making the DevOps operations effective
  • Security Operations (SecOps) recommendations
  • A list of recommendations for the most successful and correct options for the scaling of the project infrastructure

ServerBee's DevOps consulting service may include designing the architecture for the specific needs of the app and the client services. The service saves time and provides competently drafted terms of reference guiding the subsequent implementation phase by customer’s specialists.

In this case, the result of our work is the documentation package necessary for the implementation phase and includes:
  • Documentation
  •       - Infrastructure diagram
          - Infrastructure deployment plan
          - Potential and Scale Limit
          - Description of fault tolerance
  • Calculation of financial costs for the infrastructure
  • Accurate assessment of implementation timescales
  • Support during the implementation of your new infrastructure
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