• DevOps methodology

    The DevOps methodology comes from a combination of philosophy, culture, and tools that bring a new vision to the development process, including testing, integration, and implementation. Here is what we can achieve for you through the implementation of DevOps technologies:

  • CI/CD - in one click?

    The principle of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) allows you to automate routine mechanical work and reduce the risk of introducing errors in the conditions of contiguous code integration. Using transport and code integration systems such as GitLab CI, Circle CI, and Travis CI, a highly paid qualified employee no longer needs to spend valuable time on operational processes. Instead, they can focus on their main goal - writing high-quality code for implementation in the main or test version(s) branch simply by manually pressing a button or even automatically.

  • Integration with the DevOps team

    as a remote team member.
    The central concept behind DevOps, without which it can't exist, is the interactions and cooperation of the distributed team members and their functioning as a single integrated team working towards a common goal. Our specialists can become remote members of your team, performing the necessary operational tasks in those situations where hiring specialized permanent employees are not an efficient or effective option. In this way, you can maintain the synergy effect without inflating the number of process participants, and at the same time, achieve a higher level of team productivity.

  • Containerize your
    web application

    To make your web project management as convenient and efficient as possible, we will help you to plan the re-factoring of the monolithic-type framework and divide it into micro-services, each in a separate container. The segregation of services allows you to structure your web application better, provides flexible management of critical segments, delegating the micro-services to those responsible, and improves the stability and resiliency of the entire project. It also facilitates subsequent monitoring and identification of problems going forward into the future.

  • Infrastructure as code

    We automate resource management, saving you time. Modeling of the infrastructure as a code (IaC) and the associated orchestration aids will automate the creation, configuration, and management of equipment, with virtual instances both as a whole and for their individual embedded components. Therefore, with a complete description of one development environment, you can easily clone them by adding staging and production oneand other factors. Therefore, there is no need to constantly manually configure the infrastructure settings, with the associated risk of making a mistake.

Technologies we work with:

Depending on the complexity of the project, we can select the most appropriate from a range of different DevOps technologies. These are proven technologies in which we have accumulated significant practical experience:


CI/CD: Gitlab CI, Circle CI, Travis CI


Container Runtime: Docker Engine, ContainerD, CRI-O


Configuration Management Tools: Ansible, Terraform


Software Development Version Control: Gitlab, GitHub, Bitbucket


Container Orchestration: Kubernetes, Openshift, Docker Swarm


Monitoring and Visualization: Prometheus, Grafana

The benefits of working with us:

Enjoy extra time to use improving the quality of the code,

Speed up with the withdrawal frequency of releases,

Focus on the development of functionality in a calm and measured process that leaves our competitors far behind.

Take full advantage of the DevOps process, leave us to handle the infrastructure debugging, the automation of all operations including code transport and setup monitoring, all the tasks that can distract and slow down the development of the main product.

We like to do the tasks that you don’t have the time to do yourself!
We propose:
Order our DevOps service to accelerate the development of your project, increase its stability and profitability, and gain flexibility in its management!
Costs per hour starts from
depending on the complexity
of your project
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